Friday, November 6, 2009

the sun is up, the sky is blue

this past sunday, natasha and i met up to drink americanos, browse antiques and shop for new tights - the perfect autumn afternoon! an unexpected cancellation freed up more time, so we decided to buy some magazines and cozy up with a pot of tea. while wandering through the magazine racks at the nearest bookstore, i came across milk and bought it instantly (even though i don't have any children. not a big deal, right? i think not, but some people disagree with me. whatever.).

so basically, i love everything about this magazine.

the mondrian-inspired market page:
the dreamy, parisian papas:

and, best of all, a streetstyle page shot by my fave (garance doré, holla!):

there are also a couple kiddie-fashion editorials and an article about children's creative spaces and design that was really interesting. all in all, this magazine is awesome and embodies the type of hip parent i one day hope to be.

(sorry if the scans are a bit dark. i'm not used to all the settings on the office scanner.)