Thursday, March 26, 2009

oh baby, i love you but you're killing me.

while browsing through the photos i'd gathered recently, i noticed a very distinct theme...

(photos from myspace, the fashion spot, jakandjil)

many people will disagree with me, but i really love how people look when they're smoking. i can't help it! they look so cool! ahhhh!

on my recent trip to austin, tx i was reunited with my long-lost love --- smoking american cigarettes! it was part of my "i'm on vacation so i can do whatever i want and it doesn't count" mentality. but, like all good things, my vacation came to an end; i'm back home in toronto and i've reluctantly left the cigarettes south of the border (.... for the most part).

but, i do know better. and i know smoking is bad for you - unfortunately. so consider this post part of my detox-therapy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

mad about the boy

i've never really been the matchmaker type, but these two kids are a match made in sartorial heaven. here's why i think tavi & arlo would be the best-dressed couple since scott & garance.

exhibit a: an affinity for mixing patterns.

exhibit b: a penchant for snazzy headwear.

exhibit c: a tendency to look like a character from a tim burton film.

exhibit d: they'll have no problems with coordinating their red & pink valentines' day outfits.

i know they're a bit young for romance and there might be a slight age difference, but if cupid's bow doesn't unite these two fashion darlings, i will lose all my (remaining) faith in true love.

Friday, March 6, 2009

pissing everywhere isn't very chanel

uncle karl may not be interested in my reality - something i learned from my recent (slash "how the hell did it take me this long to watch this?!") viewing of lagerfeld confidential - but i am completely besotted by his. most recently? this incredible bag, being sold exclusively at colette.

seriously. i die.*

*i do promise this will be the one & only time i use this rachel zoe-ism.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

the only thing i'd postpone summer for

all of a sudden the entire blogosphere seems to be obsessed with leather pants - thankfully, not of the lindsay lohan/kova & t variety. since spotting these shots i've stopped daydreaming about the hot & sticky weather of july, and instead am fantasizing about the cool, post-rain breeze (much more leather pants-friendly). i'm sure once i step outside i'll quickly revert back to my heat-seeking ways, but it may take a little longer to shake this new found leather fetish. i think its time for a good ol' value village hunt... anyone?