Wednesday, November 26, 2008

you all saw this one coming

after seeing Twilight (which is vastly superior to the novel) this week, bella swan was neck-and-neck with sookie stackhouse in the "i wish i was her" race. despite sookie's enviable telepathic abilities, bella's beau is one dreamy immortal i wouldn't think twice about opening up my veins for.

the race ended this afternoon, when a considerate pal sent me the below photo. bella swan partaking in the ganja? out in broad daylight?? now this is a literary heroine i can get behind! (and also explains all of bella's unending paranoia about edward leaving her. i'm onto you, stephanie "the mormon" meyer.)

oh, and yes. i really really like vampires.

and how was your morning?

bad: getting to the office at 6 a.m. to read & compile latest film's reviews.

badder: when multiple reviews contain the words "appalling", "bomb", and "crapedy" (which isn't even really a word).

baddest: emailing out the report and forgetting to include the company's president on the distribution list.

and THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is why i should never get up before 11 a.m.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

baby it's (getting) cold outside

at the last minute my date decided to cancel on me, freeing up my evening for, well, anything at all. since a free evening on the brink of the holiday season is rare, i decided to take advantage of it in the best way possible - by devoting it to myself.

a japanese-italian fusion dinner*, a glass** of chilean malbec, a french classic by one of my favourite spanish expatriates and a quick flip through the newest american vogue*** rounds out my perfect multicultural, pre-winter evening. i'm not hibernating yet, but a little warm up**** never hurt anyone.

*sushi pizza, yumyumyum.

**or two. fine, three.

***i swear that i read other magazines, but it just arrived in the mail today (and what did angelina do that was "very uncool"?? i needed to knooooow!!)

****pun intended.

Monday, November 24, 2008

loco for coco

i can remember the very first vogue i ever bought: it was november 1999 and the cusp of the new millennium. to commemorate, vogue presented a retrospective cover of the most influential models of the century. the 3-page fold out cover featured "modern muses" new and old, black and white, and thrust me headfirst into an obsession with these long-legged, beautiful creatures.

a decade later, those who were considered "new" have become "super" (gisele)and a few of the "old" have become parodies of themselves (ahem, paulina porizkova). while my fascination with models remains, the players have changed. now there is a new crop of faces, but none (old, new or in between) have charmed me like coco rocha.

aside from the obvious (her face, her walk, her canadian roots), it is coco's effervescent personality that distinguishes her. from the moment she irish jigged down jean paul gaultier's catwalk i was smitten. apparently agrees with me (as evidenced by their multiple behind-the-scenes videos with her). below is my most recent fave: