Thursday, January 29, 2009

the in crowd

(photo cred:

wes, liz, lou, olivier, waris, et al = one bad ass crew.
what i would do to be at that party.

Monday, January 26, 2009

today, you've come now go away

i initially disliked the february issue of vogue for putting S on its cover, when B is so obviously the reigning queen of the upper east side. i was about to forgive ms. wintour this oversight, until i came across this heartbreaking editorial.

there was no more denying it. there he was; albert hammond jr, the (musical) love of my life, serenading agyness deyn in a glossy, full-page spread.

it got worse.. of course.

here they are with their adorable love-puppies.

and here, enjoying a technicolour picnic with another serenade.

and finally, lounging in bed (bed! BED!! why'd you have to be in bed?!?) together while he jots down some lyrics for a song inspired by how gorgeous she looks in dior.

so thanks, mikael jansson, for so vividly capturing agyness and albert's union - their engagement, no less - with your lens. the crushing pain to my heart is only mildly tempered by the good news i heard today.

confession: i wrote this entire post while playing albert's first solo album, "yours to keep". i spent many a train ride through europe listening to this album on my ipod and will always associate it with fond memories. "como te llama", his second album, is tainted, as it coincides with his meeting.. her. unfortunately, i am an emotional cutter and will probably spend the next week listening to it on repeat.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

going to the chapel

as a general rule, i dislike a lot of the elements of a "traditional" north american wedding, but i hold a special disdain for the engagement photos. while i appreciate the desire (necessity?) for these pictures, i can just never get behind the end product. i find most to be overly staged and pose-y, reflecting more the urge to cross another thing off one's wedding "to do" list than to evoke the true emotions of the relationship.

what a pleasure then, to stumble across these engagement photos of jo and her fiancee, alex. i love the colours and composition of these photos so so much. i've already saved the contact information of the photographer, max wagner, for my future wedding, now i just need to find the groom!

ah well. until then.. enjoy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

heard it through the grapevine

dear mike & chris,

i am so happy that you got your licensing deal and those evil rumours weren't true. ever since this economic slowdown began, it seems that the good are on the chopping block and the ugg-ly continue to thrive. it seems the true victim of the falling markets is taste. but.. i digress.

the important thing is that you are still here and still bringing my deepest desires to light. most recently, this luscious woven leather jacket (with a hood!).

while the price tag remains out of my reach, my sartorially snobby heart soars. because, recession or not, you (among others) are still putting design and luxury ahead of of the bottom line.

bless you.


clear eyes. full hearts. can't lose.

after months of anguish. after months of anticipation. after (what feels like) an eternity of longing for tim riggins... the day has arrived. season three of friday night lights (finally) airs tonight in canada.

for anyone who isn't watching this show - choosing instead to support mind-numbing, vapid, reality television - do yourself a favour, go to your local video store, rent the first two seasons and start watching. this is, hands down, the best show on television (and yes, i obsess over chuck bass). the characters and storylines will win your heart ten minutes into episode one. coach taylor, buddy garrity, tami, saracen, smash, lyla and riggins.

sigh, tim riggins...

i've missed you baby.

Monday, January 12, 2009


hellooo 2009!! i know, i know.. i haven't been blogging. i'm a gigantic fail (as sarah nicole so lovingly told me today). but, just because you haven't seen the fruits of my internet browsing, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. to whit, here are a few things i have been lusting over during the new year...

kate winslet may have been the evening's big winner (yay kate!!), but it was maggie gyllenhaal who floored me during last night's golden globes. in a sea of strapless, uninspired mermaid gowns, gyllenhaal radiated chic in this floor-length, printed lanvin number.


as if being one of the leaders of canada's crop of catwalkers wasn't enough*, jessica stam also has to live in the dreamiest, most jewelry box-like apartment ever. decorated by rafael de cárdenas, stam's east village apartment is everything i've ever wanted in an abode (closet included!). since stam travels at least 6 months a year, i figure she is probably looking for a trustworthy house-sitter. right?


and finally, as if i wasn't disappointed enough with my decor or wardrobe (or singledom), beth introduced me to paumes - a japanese line of books that feature the adorable apartments of couples in paris & stockholm. nevermind the fact that i can't read japanese, the photos alone will provide hours of aesthetic entertainment. methinks i will have to pop into good egg and add these to my home library (or at the very least, have a nice, leisurely flip through with my clover coffee).

double swoon!!

*seriously, take a look at this girl (and those ah-mah-zing moroccan doors). someone who looks like this doesn't need that incredible, vintage wallpaper on her walls.. just cover every surface with mirrors and stare at yourself. sigh.