Tuesday, December 9, 2008

all i want for christmas (part one)

i don't even care what it smells like, this christmas i must own a bottle of miss dior chérie.

call me a hopeless romantic, an unabashed francophile or another casualty of aspirational advertising, but this will be my signature scent of 2009.

special thanks to sophia coppola for, once again, filling my (day)dreams with balloons, bikes and cupcakes, all wrapped up in a delicious haze of sunlight and cotton candy pink.


sarah nicole said...

the second time i read this i noticed how (intentionally? unintentionally?) hilarious your title is. i expect this is a series with many, many parts indeed.

Lindsay said...

Oh no...Natalie isn't going to smell like Natalie anymore! On the other hand, does that mean I can buy Burberry now? I know how you feel about scent-duplication among friends...