Wednesday, February 11, 2009

here's to you, mrs. robinson

looks like nate isn't the only boy on the UES making it with a "more experienced" woman.* next month's harper's bazaar features a mrs.robinson-themed photoshoot between ed westwick and helena christensen.

shot by terry richardson, this smoldering editorial has me yearning for, well, ed westwick. but! also, a remake of "the graduate" (cmon, marisa tomei needs another role she can take off all her clothes for and there's only so many stripper-with-a-heart-of-gold roles out there).

fuck, is helena christensen hot or what?! i love that she's all about the younger guys in real life too (not quite this young, but...). forget jennifer aniston, this is my 40-year old ideal.

*i'd include dan in here as well, but since rachel carr is like, a week older than him.. it doesn't count. poor, lame dan; can't even make sex with his teacher risque.

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beth said...

i can't actually handle ed westwick's insane hotness. dreamy! swoon times a million!