Thursday, February 5, 2009

stockholm syndrome

as of late, i've found myself increasingly drawn to all things scandinavian. my fascination began (as many things do) with vampires - specifically, let the right one in, a hauntingly beautiful film about adolescence, love, and the undead. visually, the film contrasts bright, harsh light and deep, inky shadows to convey horror without flashy special effects. this technique is especially effective against the stark, swedish winter.

next comes lykke li, with her infectious tunes and adorable, olsen-esque appearance. regrettably, i wasn't able to make it to her show the first time she came to toronto - nor will i be making it to her sold-out show this friday - but this swedish superkid has earned a place of honour in my ipod rotation.

i knew my obsession was mutual when stockholm youths began popping up on all my favourite streetstyle blogs. as i imagine sweden & canada have similarly frigid winters, and as i become more and more tired of my sad attempts at creative winter-layering, i've begun compulsively collecting inspiration from the blogosphere.

some of my favourite looks:

(photo cred: garance dore)

(photo cred: both, the sartorialist)

i feel like i'd fit right in in stockholm; i'm a sucker for any look that pairs short skirts, tights, monochrome and, most impressively, heels in the winter. too bad i can't pull of the icelandic blonde. ahh, well.

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