Wednesday, November 26, 2008

and how was your morning?

bad: getting to the office at 6 a.m. to read & compile latest film's reviews.

badder: when multiple reviews contain the words "appalling", "bomb", and "crapedy" (which isn't even really a word).

baddest: emailing out the report and forgetting to include the company's president on the distribution list.

and THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is why i should never get up before 11 a.m.


sarah nicole said...

first! and number one in your heart always, i hope.

sigh, ok, i'll settle for a tie.

love you, love your blog!

<3 SNaP

ps sounds like you need a caesar.

Ashley said...

soo i've never doen this before and im a little nervous...not too sure how this works "do you come here often" "i could get lost in your eyes" is this what happens here??? .i hope u enjoy popping my comment cherry!

love you alwyas and forver and now its on this crazy "interweb" so it must be real :)