Tuesday, November 25, 2008

baby it's (getting) cold outside

at the last minute my date decided to cancel on me, freeing up my evening for, well, anything at all. since a free evening on the brink of the holiday season is rare, i decided to take advantage of it in the best way possible - by devoting it to myself.

a japanese-italian fusion dinner*, a glass** of chilean malbec, a french classic by one of my favourite spanish expatriates and a quick flip through the newest american vogue*** rounds out my perfect multicultural, pre-winter evening. i'm not hibernating yet, but a little warm up**** never hurt anyone.

*sushi pizza, yumyumyum.

**or two. fine, three.

***i swear that i read other magazines, but it just arrived in the mail today (and what did angelina do that was "very uncool"?? i needed to knooooow!!)

****pun intended.

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