Wednesday, November 26, 2008

you all saw this one coming

after seeing Twilight (which is vastly superior to the novel) this week, bella swan was neck-and-neck with sookie stackhouse in the "i wish i was her" race. despite sookie's enviable telepathic abilities, bella's beau is one dreamy immortal i wouldn't think twice about opening up my veins for.

the race ended this afternoon, when a considerate pal sent me the below photo. bella swan partaking in the ganja? out in broad daylight?? now this is a literary heroine i can get behind! (and also explains all of bella's unending paranoia about edward leaving her. i'm onto you, stephanie "the mormon" meyer.)

oh, and yes. i really really like vampires.


carli mia said...

Although the season finale of Trueblood came up short on conclusions, and left me angling in agony on the edge of my couch, I won't ever accede to the claim that Twilight is in anyway superior or even on par with Alan Ball's pseudo-cinematic masterpiece.

I'm assuming that "Bella" is the Sookie Stackhouse of the silver screen, and although Kristen Stewart is stunningly skeletal, she will never, ever, EVER be a more alluring fang-banger than my fellow Pegger Paquin.

P.s. I also really, really like vampires.

alex said...

well lookie here...! i found you!

(does that make me a creep? well, nothing new then.. )

i watch trueblood stoned all the time - how's that for coming full circle!


raymi lauren said...

ah man i just imdb'd her, born in 1990!