Saturday, January 24, 2009

going to the chapel

as a general rule, i dislike a lot of the elements of a "traditional" north american wedding, but i hold a special disdain for the engagement photos. while i appreciate the desire (necessity?) for these pictures, i can just never get behind the end product. i find most to be overly staged and pose-y, reflecting more the urge to cross another thing off one's wedding "to do" list than to evoke the true emotions of the relationship.

what a pleasure then, to stumble across these engagement photos of jo and her fiancee, alex. i love the colours and composition of these photos so so much. i've already saved the contact information of the photographer, max wagner, for my future wedding, now i just need to find the groom!

ah well. until then.. enjoy!


Jenn said...

OMG "Being Engaged Rocks!" I started gagging before I could even click through.

I love those photos, very modern fairytale like.

Also, I discovered "Le Love" by going to Cup of Jo and well, fell in love with it. I wish I had a regular boy to take sexy pics with. Hmmm.

paiiige said...

...which is why this blog will make for an entertaining afternoon!

(and they're all from our alma mater's city, so bonus points if we know any.)

and, actually related: now also adding those images to my file.