Monday, January 26, 2009

today, you've come now go away

i initially disliked the february issue of vogue for putting S on its cover, when B is so obviously the reigning queen of the upper east side. i was about to forgive ms. wintour this oversight, until i came across this heartbreaking editorial.

there was no more denying it. there he was; albert hammond jr, the (musical) love of my life, serenading agyness deyn in a glossy, full-page spread.

it got worse.. of course.

here they are with their adorable love-puppies.

and here, enjoying a technicolour picnic with another serenade.

and finally, lounging in bed (bed! BED!! why'd you have to be in bed?!?) together while he jots down some lyrics for a song inspired by how gorgeous she looks in dior.

so thanks, mikael jansson, for so vividly capturing agyness and albert's union - their engagement, no less - with your lens. the crushing pain to my heart is only mildly tempered by the good news i heard today.

confession: i wrote this entire post while playing albert's first solo album, "yours to keep". i spent many a train ride through europe listening to this album on my ipod and will always associate it with fond memories. "como te llama", his second album, is tainted, as it coincides with his meeting.. her. unfortunately, i am an emotional cutter and will probably spend the next week listening to it on repeat.


paiiige said...

but are those really their dogs? or prop dogs, bred in mass quantity for those wanting to purchase the agyness-albert lovestyle, and then put down when no one in these recessionary times can afford a $2000 designer pup?

does that offer any hope?

natalie said...

sadly, those are no prop dogs but actual emblems of their love.