Monday, January 12, 2009


hellooo 2009!! i know, i know.. i haven't been blogging. i'm a gigantic fail (as sarah nicole so lovingly told me today). but, just because you haven't seen the fruits of my internet browsing, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. to whit, here are a few things i have been lusting over during the new year...

kate winslet may have been the evening's big winner (yay kate!!), but it was maggie gyllenhaal who floored me during last night's golden globes. in a sea of strapless, uninspired mermaid gowns, gyllenhaal radiated chic in this floor-length, printed lanvin number.


as if being one of the leaders of canada's crop of catwalkers wasn't enough*, jessica stam also has to live in the dreamiest, most jewelry box-like apartment ever. decorated by rafael de cárdenas, stam's east village apartment is everything i've ever wanted in an abode (closet included!). since stam travels at least 6 months a year, i figure she is probably looking for a trustworthy house-sitter. right?


and finally, as if i wasn't disappointed enough with my decor or wardrobe (or singledom), beth introduced me to paumes - a japanese line of books that feature the adorable apartments of couples in paris & stockholm. nevermind the fact that i can't read japanese, the photos alone will provide hours of aesthetic entertainment. methinks i will have to pop into good egg and add these to my home library (or at the very least, have a nice, leisurely flip through with my clover coffee).

double swoon!!

*seriously, take a look at this girl (and those ah-mah-zing moroccan doors). someone who looks like this doesn't need that incredible, vintage wallpaper on her walls.. just cover every surface with mirrors and stare at yourself. sigh.


beth said...

roomie, i think i'll bring home a paumes book this weekend. they are so so swooney.


paiiige said...

i like reading your voice--especially good for today's lack of non-stop 9-5 banter.

i also like mauve apartments. ah!

mr. tomas ubik said...

you write good.

- eano

Jenn said...

OMG I didn't even know doors like that existed. New goal: live in a house with ceiling high enough to showcase custom made Moroccan doors!

Eano's right. You do write good.