Tuesday, March 10, 2009

mad about the boy

i've never really been the matchmaker type, but these two kids are a match made in sartorial heaven. here's why i think tavi & arlo would be the best-dressed couple since scott & garance.

exhibit a: an affinity for mixing patterns.

exhibit b: a penchant for snazzy headwear.

exhibit c: a tendency to look like a character from a tim burton film.

exhibit d: they'll have no problems with coordinating their red & pink valentines' day outfits.

i know they're a bit young for romance and there might be a slight age difference, but if cupid's bow doesn't unite these two fashion darlings, i will lose all my (remaining) faith in true love.


Dallas said...

Great post! Those two are so cute...Tavi's already a gorgeous wood sprite, and that little boy is definitely going to grow up to be handsome.

Are scott and garance actually a couple or are you matchmaking again?

sarah nicole said...

you're right. this post is THE BEST.

and such a sneaky spill-all on that heavenly style-blogger match, you little gossip fiend.

beth said...

ooooooh my god i am freaking OUT. arlo is amazing! "most of my ties are clip ons." he makes me want to have babies. oyyyyy.

D said...

arlo looks like he's a lolita himself, so tavi wouldn't be out of the question.