Thursday, March 26, 2009

oh baby, i love you but you're killing me.

while browsing through the photos i'd gathered recently, i noticed a very distinct theme...

(photos from myspace, the fashion spot, jakandjil)

many people will disagree with me, but i really love how people look when they're smoking. i can't help it! they look so cool! ahhhh!

on my recent trip to austin, tx i was reunited with my long-lost love --- smoking american cigarettes! it was part of my "i'm on vacation so i can do whatever i want and it doesn't count" mentality. but, like all good things, my vacation came to an end; i'm back home in toronto and i've reluctantly left the cigarettes south of the border (.... for the most part).

but, i do know better. and i know smoking is bad for you - unfortunately. so consider this post part of my detox-therapy.


D said...

"i really love how people look when they're smoking. i can't help it! they look so cool!" agreed. also, ive discussed some benefits of smoking (sort of) here:

sarah nicole said...

you look good with cigarettes.

did i ever tell you about my star turn on a blog called le smoking? if not, sorry. i am almost but not quite so relentlessly self-promoting as to find and post you the link.

jenny said...

Sigh, I feel the same way. Smoking looks so insanely cool, esp. paired with a flute of Moet. I would totally do it, happily and joyously, if it didn't make my tummy rip apart every time I puffed=(

Dallas said...

I am really allergic to cigarette smoke, and I don't think I would smoke even if I weren't but I totally agree that it looks so cool. I encourage my models to smoke if they want to during our shoots all the time.